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Free Private Japanese Lessons

YIFA is currently providing free Japanese lessons for interested foreigners.

Many misunderstandings between people from around the world begin with the language barrier.

Our goal is to assist anyone having difficulties with Japanese, making their life in Japan easier and more enjoyable.

We encourage communication and encourage all language students to participate in our regular social events and and utilize what they have learned in their studies.
Please review the guidelines below.

Any YIFA member who is having trouble with Japanese.

All our teachers are volunteer members of YIFA, they receive no compensation. Most of our language instructors do not hold degrees in language or education.

Application Process:

  1. Please fill out the application form and contact us.
  2. Meet your prospective instructor complete application procedure. (paper work, lesson times etc.,)
  3. Begin your studies.

Terms and conditions:

  1. All students must be members of YIFA.
  2. The annual fee (The annual term is counted as from April until the end of march the following year) is 2000yen. If you join YIFA mid-term we ask that you renew your membership in April.
  3. In addition to the yearly fee, we ask that all language students contribute 1000yen a year to help support the cost of office supplies that they will be using.


In general, lessons are private , one-on one (in some cases, there may be a group of 2~3 students in a class). Most Lessons are conducted in Japanese.

Lesson Times:

In most cases a student will take one lesson per week, with a lesson lasting 1~1.5 hours.

Educational Material Expenses:

We ask that all students bear the cost of any educational material that they will be using. Depending on your ability and content of your studies, you may or may not use a textbook.


Lessons generally take place at the office, although in certain cases they may take place at the students home or at an appointed location.


1. If you will be late for or miss a lesson, please inform your instructor or if your instructor cannot be reached, notify the office.
2. If you cannot continue your studies, please inform the office or your instructor.
3. We reserve the right to refuse service in the following cases:
Absence without informing your instructor, repeated tardiness, lack of effort to learn or engage in studies, or extreme and inappropriate behavior.

In any case, if you have any concerns, please inform the office and we will try to accommodate your request.

Click here to E-mail Us! (yifa@gaia.eonet.ne.jp)
TEL:(int +81) 077-586-3106 / FAX:077-586-3139